Spring Tree Care Checklist

Spring is an opportunity to start anew. Most people kickstart the season with some much-needed spring cleaning. Maintaining landscape trees is very much similar to cleaning your home; both activities keep your property clean and free from hazardous situations. Like spring cleaning, caring for your trees will demand effort and time on your part. Give your tree as much care as it can get as early as spring to reap its benefits in the years to come.

Tree Care

Give your yard some cleaning- Springtime is the perfect time to some cleaning— and this includes your yard. With a shovel or rake, gather any debris under your trees, such as twigs, leaves, and fruit. These wastes can attract fungi and bacteria and cause diseases among your trees. Also, if you put any coverings or protective plastic over your tree, spring is the best time to take it off and allow your tree to breathe some fresh air.

Look for damages- The time after the harsh cold weather is the best time to check the tree for signs of damage. The cold season can result in lesions, holes, and cracks among tees. If not addressed, these signs can get worse and lead to structural problems. Be vigilant of these early warning signs because detecting them can help save your tree from dying.

Check for pests and diseases- Spring is the time for many living organisms to become active again–this includes insects and pests. Inspect your tree for any indications of pest activity and address it before it goes out of hand. Call a certified arborist and set a year-round plan to protect and maintain the health of your landscape trees. Invest in professional tree service because it can save you from much more costly repair bills and injuries in the future.

Give your trees enough water– Growing is impossible to happen without water in the scene. Water seeps into the roots as the snow thaws. However, this amount will not suffice to provide for the tree’s needs in the days to come. Give your tree ample water supply by watering them in the morning and let it drink as much as it needs to thrive. For optimal results, water should permeate into the soil at around 20 centimeters deep.

Mulch your landscape- Mulching can be the saving grace of your trees. It helps retain moisture and prevents weeds from growing around the area. Mulching is especially necessary for newly-planted trees because they need more protection than mature ones. Remember that there is a proper way of putting mulch around a tree. For best results, put at least 7 centimeters of mulch around the tree’s base. Make the layer go in a maximum of 60 centimeters around the tree. Be careful not to put mulch too close to the tree’s base as it can facilitate disease infestation.

The tips mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg of tree care. Keep in mind that tree maintenance does not wait for any season to take place. Give your tree a much-needed TLC throughout the year and thank yourself later.

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